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Happy Children


U.L.E is a 501c3 non-profit organization that allows youth ages (6-18) and young adults ages (19-24) to gain hands on experience in a variety of art-based programs.


Our mission is to educate, inform and enlighten the youth focusing on development and arts education.


To be a positive influence that provides services to enhance the way youth learn through arts, entertainment and education.





Our youth needs influencers, mentors, and leaders that are willing to shift their paradigm in relation to today's era of digital influence. Social media, digital media & music make a huge impact on the relationships and attitudes of our youth. They are becoming programed to normalize violence, promiscuity, self-hate, and bullying because of the lack of social responsibility and open dialogue from those who can communicate and speak the new era language of creativity.

We believe that through creative arts, social & emotional learning, less usage of electronics and more engagement we can reach our youth as change agents. Who have not only lived and represented what has impacted our youth but has made conscious change to shift our focus and develop from a relative perspective of experience.

Confidentiality Statement

Staff and board members of Universal Love Ent agree not to disclose any confidential information obtained  unless we have been made aware of abuse, or threats harming self or someone else.


The Universal Love Entertainment board is a dedicated team of professionals passionate about youth development. With diverse backgrounds in education, arts, leadership, and nonprofit management, our board members bring a wealth of experience and expertise



Meet Sherica Isler also known as the Hip-hop artist  Sureli. Mother, leader and creative who has been forced into transitioning, into a positive influence after suffering from depression that caused her health to decline. Leaving the music scene and social media behind for over 10 years.


After realizing the impact digital media has on our youth, she wanted to make a positive difference. Today, she cares about how her image is viewed particularly by the youth.  She’s overcame multiple setbacks and resigned from her corporate position of 20 years of service to start a new venture of becoming an entrepreneur to inspire both youth as well as adults.

She has designed multiple programs to inspire youth and her community through arts education, leadership, social & emotional development and through the most influential platforms of today, entertainment. Over 23 years of experience as a recording artist, ghostwriter, background in ballet, modern and praise dance, choreographer, cosmetologist, screenwriter, film producer and director, with a degree in Radio & Broadcasting.

Our founder is a graduate of the Ohio Media School where the film "Love" originated. Both directed and performed by Sureli. The video portrayed and brought to light many realities and struggles that our youth encounter daily and is based on a true story. 



Meet Crystal who began her journey as an educator and advocate for children as a high school mathematics teacher, principal and professional development coach in Cleveland Ohio. During that time, her knowledge and expertise of using formative assessments were sharpened. She enjoys working with teachers and leaders across the country to help them use their student data to improve instruction for students.


Crystal is also a business owner that provides custom embroidery and quilting. She holds a B.A degree in Mathematics and M.Ed degree in Curriculum and Instruction, a series of professional development hours in the area of  instructional leadership, literacy across content areas, formative assessment, RTI and school reform. With over 25 years of experience supporting students, their families, teachers and school leaders, Crystal's passion continues to focus on effecting change in schools, positively impacting the educational experience of students, and sharing and developing her craft. 


liv pic (372 × 419 px).png

Meet Michael who as of June 2023 Michael Dixon retired his 40 year career as an educator. He has served 26 years in the Cleveland Heights-University Heights (CHUH) school district as a mathematics teacher and guidance counselor.


His passion for young people also led him to work as a youth group leader in his church, assistant director of a residential leadership summer camp located in Michigan, a workshop presenter, tutor, mentor and a host of other ventures. During retirement he plans to use his skill set to continue to inspire and contribute to uplifting the lives of our young people that need it most.



Meet Olivia  who is a renowned two-time author, Kingdom entrepreneur, and the visionary force behind Emerge Consulting Firm and A Bolder Woman. With an impressive academic foundation in Marketing Management, Project Management, and Web Development, Olivia seamlessly merges brand identity with kingdom principles. As a creative catalyst, she transitioned from a decade in corporate America to entrepreneurship, unveiling her dual passion for ministry and the marketplace. Olivia's mission is to empower women to fully embrace their God-given identity, value, and authority, providing transformative solutions that blend creative strategy and innovative insights. 


Beyond championing women's empowerment,Olivia is fervently dedicated to empowering the next generation, with a particular emphasis on cultivating the gifts, confidence, and potential of children. Beyond her professional pursuits, Olivia's heart lies in ensuring every child has the opportunity to thrive, both in and out of the classroom. Recognized in esteemed publications like Voyage Ohio and Meta Business, Olivia seeks to leverage her platform to champion educational excellence and holistic child development.

Meet Nat, who is currently a student at Cleveland State University studying Computer Engineering. In his studies, he also has a focus on Robotics and Virtual Reality. With a strong passion for art and design and his background in the Culinary Arts. Learning his skills at a young age from his parents and grandmother. He believes that food is at the core and heart of all relationships, it's what fuels and connects us through the similarities, cultures, and the ingredients we share. Nat started a catering business doing both large and small events and intimate dinner parties as well. As he transitions into consulting, moving out of the kitchen directly, and focusing on improving and developing restaurants in the Greater Cleveland area. 


He has always had a passion for helping young people, especially young men. The possibilities of how we plan to live our lives are endless, and in those infinite choices many young men find themselves confused and lost on which path they should take. Most men tend to reach out to younger people when they are older and wiser, however this age gap can tend to create a disconnect between generations. From personal experience, he has struggled with choosing a path and having confidence in those choices. As for now, he will continue to succeed and diversify! He's made it a goal to help all those who are approaching young adulthood by aiding in their success


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