U.L.E is a 501c3 non-profit organization that allows students to gain hands on experience in a variety of art-based programs.


Our mission is to educate, inform and enlighten the youth focusing on development and arts education.


To be a positive influence that provides professional services to enhance the way children learn through arts, entertainment and education.





Our youth needs influencers, mentors, and leaders that are willing to shift their paradigm in relation to today's era of digital influence. Social media and digital media make a huge impact on the relationships and attitudes of our youth. They are becoming programed to normalize violence,  promiscuity, self-hate, and bullying because of the lack of social responsibility and open dialogue from those who can communicate and speak the new era language of creativity.

We believe that through creative arts we can reach our youth as change agents who have not only lived and represented what has impacted our youth , but has made conscious change to shift our focus and develop from a relative prospective of experience. 




Sherica Daniels also known as the artist Sureli is a mother and leader who has been forced into transitioning into a positive influence of enlightenment after suffering from depression that caused her health to decline. Leaving the music scene and social media behind for over five years.


Today, she cares about how her image is viewed particularly by the youth.  She’s overcame multiple setbacks and resigned from her corporate position of 15 years of service to start a new venture of becoming an entrepreneur to inspire both youth as well as adults.

She has designed multiple programs to inspire her community through arts education and entertainment. Multitalented that include 20 years of experience as a recording artist, background in ballet and modern dance, licensed cosmetologist and a degree in Radio & Broadcasting.

Our Founder is a graduate of the Ohio Media School where the film "Love" originated. The video portrayed and brought to light many realities and struggles that our youth encounter daily. 




Meet Mother, business owner, dancer, student and creative. She graduated at the top of her class from Cleveland School of Science and Medicine and later attended Cleveland State University studying Biology & Pre-Medicine. Gaining 5 years of experience and leadership skills. In 2022 she earned a degree from Case Western Reserve University in Data Analytics. During her medical career she was also able to express her creativity through hair becoming a licensed braider and business owner. 

She has always had a passion for dance and choreography so being a creative flow naturally. Viasha also values the importance of community involvement and is a volunteer at local Boys and Girls Clubs within her community. She has achieved every goal she set for herself and has no plans of stopping, for she has arrived!



Meet  Dequeeta wife, mother, Certified Community Health Worker, Peer Counselor, Educator, mother and Entrepreneur. She enjoys being an advocate within the community and has always had a strong desire to help others. She is not only the Executive Coordinator at ULE but also 1/2 owner of the best seafood in the City "Black Crab Fam. Wearing multiple hats daily she considers the busy lifestyle to be the norm. Dequeeta also finds time to work at The Neighborhood Leadership Institute in creating various self-advancement
events through-out the community. You should definitely look forward to seeing much more of this hard-working shining star.



Meet Danelle, wife mother, creator, Entrepreneur and nurse with over 20 years of experience in healthcare with a range of specialties including pediatric care. As a nurse and professional you become equip with compassion and empathy for other naturally. Danelle is an advocate and supporter of wholistic health and is a wellness influencer within her community. Nurse Natural provides tons of natural products and services to her community including her popular sea moss gel & lemon aids and sea moss infused detox tea. Her interest also consists of social emotional learning (SEL) With her professional background and niche for creativity and thinking outside the box, she is definitely ready to take the world by storm!

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