The Honors Arts Program consist of our dance & workout routines, music-let's rap & sing course, lil drama kids drama sessions- creating a play, say cheese- kids photography and arts & crafts for students ages 6-18. This program also includes discussion summits, tons of icebreakers, interaction and creative thinking assignments promoting education, respect, teamwork, responsibility, anti-bullying, conflict resolution and etiquette.  


The Young Entrepreneurs Program consist of beginners braiding, mini makeup artist, Kids DIY, Kiddie financial literacy, Jr. carpentry & lawn care, Jr. concrete & roofing, and Safe Space. 

 Criteria: All participants must be passing to be eligible

Programs Academic Incentives: Each participating school will see an almost instant increase in overall academics and state test scores based on the criteria of our programs. Top schools will be featured on our website for school of the month. 


Programs Social Incentives: Participating schools/students each have the opportunity to gain exposure in upcoming events, live performances, videos and more. 



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