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The Honors Arts Program offers Hip-hop dance, Praise Dance, Cheerleading, Work-out routines let's move,  Music-let's rap & sing about positivity, Drama Kids drama sessions- creating a play, Photography, Yoga, Ready -Set-Arts & Crafts and Sports.

The Peacemakers Program offers various ice breakers, interaction, creative thinking assignments and discussion summits promoting conflict resolution, anti-bullying and teamwork. This program supports self-awareness, education, decision making, responsibility, respect & etiquette. SEL

Program ACES -This program focuses on youth development, intervention, and it provides support for children to better cope with trauma and the effects of ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences). There are individuals who have had traumatic experiences within or outside of their households. ACES encompasses various traumatic experiences and may include, but is not limited to, neglect, abuse, perhaps witnessing something traumatic, and more. This program includes a variety of activities and workshops that promote emotional regulation and the youth grasping what they’ve experienced. SEL

The Program BIG offers big brother or big sister mentorship that helps with personal growth & development, helps child realize their potential, creating a positive supportive mentoring relationship with youth enrolled in the program. SEL

The Promising Scholars Program offers tutoring in math and literacy for K-12 students. We also provide homework help, creative writing skills, study skills to help focus on organization, time management, note taking, test taking tips, goal setting, problem solving, stress & test anxiety management for academic success. 

The Young Entrepreneurs Program is a combination of entrepreneurship programs that consist of: Little Web Designers- introduction to web design & brand design, Little Book Publishers-learn how to develop a book and publish it on Amazon, Young Digital Mavens- how to develop using A.I drop shipping, podcast, digital books, and journals. 

Kiddie Financial Literacy, Mini Chef Jr's Decorating Program (our decorating program is youth-led), Mini Chef Jr's Cooking Academy with a focus on nutrition, eating healthy & incorporating healthy lifestyle habits, Kids Fashion Design- learn upscale designing, participants will create fashion independently and within a team, learn how to  stitch, thread & sew and create custom shoes.


Young Entreprenuers- Bo$$ Mode-promotes entrepreneurship for high school participants exploring what it takes to build your own business. Not everyone attends college and that is okay. During this program youth explore the endless possibilities of being their own boss, creating their own business and more.   

The Beauty Academy- embracing beautiful natural hair, beginners braiding, crochet & mini makeup artist. Young Professional's - offer  job readiness & workforce preparation, resume building and interview preparation (for our high schoolers & young adults)  


Criteria: Grades and behavior are monitored on a quarterly basis. 


Programs Academic Incentives: Each participating school will see an almost instant increase in overall academics and state test scores, help with attendance, and reduced behavioral referrals and suspensions based on the criteria of our programs. Top schools and students are featured on our website for school/student of the month. 


Programs Social Incentives: Participating schools/students each have the opportunity to gain exposure in upcoming events, live performances, videos and more. 



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